Executive: Comprised of the officers of the Board, it evaluates professional staff and oversees all aspects of the Synagogue.

Mission: Provides guidance to the President and the lay and professional leadership.

Annual Fund: Creates and implements long-and short-term fundraising plans for capital needs, annual fund and endowment.

Mission: Provides financial stability through fund raising

Building/Grounds/Interior Design: Is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the building and grounds as well as making recommendations for the interior spaces of the building.

Mission: Helps maintain and improve the property and the building for our congregation’s needs and uses, including planning for any future changes and additions. Responsible for making interior design decisions (furniture, art, embellishments, etc) that are consistent with and adhere to the integrity of the synagogue’s architecture and design.

Caring Committee: Members of the Bolton Street Synagogue Caring Committee support our congregants during times of happiness and difficulty. Providing meals for families with a new baby or to people recovering from medical treatments is just one example. The committee’s goal is to help!

Coronavirus Prevention Task Force: Comprised of medical and public health experts from our congregation, this group helps the rabbi and Board to understand COVID-19 and the steps to take to diminish the risk of COVID-19 spread to congregants and staff.

Mission: Advise leadership about measures to help prevent transmission of COVID-19.

Finance: Oversees the financial stability of the congregation; prepares a yearly budget for approval by the Board.

Mission: Creates yearly budgets for Board approval; oversees investments and spending.

Inclusion: The Inclusion Committee will provide research, input, and policy review for each of the other committees, and will assist BSS leadership in developing policy designed to lead to an accessible synagogue community that encourages and supports full participation by all.

Mission: To be fully inclusive and welcoming to all members and guests in all aspects of synagogue life , including those with and without disabilities, people of color, people of all gender identities, of all sexual orientations, and all ages.  

Kehillah: Supports the education director, administrators, parents, teachers and students of the Bolton Street Synagogue Religious School.

Mission: To support the education director, administrators, parents, teachers and students of the Bolton Street Synagogue Religious School. Through monthly meetings held during religious school, Kehillah discusses and plans events, provides input to faculty, supports the Rabbi’s objectives, carries out the education director’s vision, and helps make the school experience both educationally enriching and enjoyable for all students. Kehillah also represents the interests of the parents and the school by advising the Board of Directors about school-related issues, including school policy, synagogue-wide events, the b’nai mitzvah process, views about staffing and curriculum, and issues related to children of all ages through high school.

Leadership Development: Works to ensure that the Board is well-rounded and has the appropriate skill-set for the Synagogue; recommends future Board members; invites congregants to serve on committees and chair special events so that they may be nurtured as potential leaders and Board members.

Mission: Develops a system to ensure that all interested members of the congregation are given the opportunity to become active. Identifies members who may be interested in and useful to our various committees and to identify those who may become potential board members; to nominate candidates for the Board; to organize annual board retreats each fall, and; to educate Board members on various topics of interest.  

Membership Engagement: Develops a plan for building relationships between members with the purpose of increasing engagement and building community. Activities may include social or cultural events in members’ homes, in the synagogue, or around Baltimore.

Mission: Promotes BSS activities to our own community to build and strengthen relationships.  

Not Free to Desist Anti-Racism Committee: The synagogue supports the recent national initiative, “Not Free to Desist”, which is the product of inspired thinking and action from a small group of Jews of Color and asks Jewish organizations across the country “to not sit idly by when we see racial injustice before us.” The initiative is consistent wit our synagogue’s mission, which is “to be an inclusive Jewish home for the diverse Baltimore community engaging in spirituality, learning, and social justice.” The Not Free to Desist committee has representatives form every synagogue committee and leadership group. This will ensure that every aspect of the synagogue’s work includes thinking and programming to address inclusivity and the intersectional identities for all people, including Jews of Color and People of Color in general.

Religious Culture: Works closely with the Rabbi  to enhance spirituality for the congregation, helps organize and coordinate services for Shabbat, High Holy Days, and other holidays. Promotes Jewish content and music in the observance of holidays and festivals and recommends religious policy and practice.

Mission: Promotes personal and communal involvement in services, celebrations and religious practices. Recommends policies and guidelines for the religious practices of the Synagogue.  Encourages the use of music and works to enhance congregants’ experience of many aspects of synagogue life with an emphasis on promoting congregant involvement.

Security: Works with other Jewish organizations and local advisors to understand the security needs of our congregation during synagogue related activities.

Mission: To assure awareness of possible risks and to take steps to create a safe and welcoming environment.

Social Action: Creates a forum for the congregation to discuss local and national issues; engages the congregation in activities that promote good will and social justice throughout the Baltimore community.

Mission: Arranges social action projects which facilitate Bolton Street members becoming involved in tikkun olam in Baltimore City and the surrounding area. Periodically brings to the congregation’s attention issues and opportunities for social action relating to regional, national, or global problems.