Becoming Jewish


Interested in Judaism or possibly even converting? We are here to help you explore those possibilities. There is no one way, no one path. The journey for some is swift. For others it may last years. Still others are content to participate in Jewish life – perhaps as a spouse or parent – without formally changing their religious identity.

For those who do set out on the conversion track, the process usually involves taking a 15-week Introduction to Judaism course, bimonthly meetings with Rabbi Gordon, and regular participation in synagogue activities. Our goal is for you to feel part of the Jewish people and the synagogue community.

You will know that you are ready when you are able to say with sincerity and feeling the morning blessing, “Praised are You, Eternal One, Who has made me a Jew.” When this time arrives, you will be invited to share your story before a panel of three (called a beit din) and immerse yourself in a ritual bath (called a mikveh). The process culminates when you stand before the Ark to publicly declare your covenant with the Jewish people and are welcomed into it by the synagogue community.

For more information, email Rabbi Gordon.

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