High Holy Day Guest & Non-Member Registration

Our Doors are also open to guests and non-members, however registration in advance is required. If you are visiting from another URJ Synagogue, we do offer reciprocity (please email Sarah Jacobs for more information).

Non-member guest (per-person) registration prices are:

$180- Rosh Hashanah Day One Morning Service/Family Service
$180- Kol Nidre Service
$180- Yom Kippur Morning Service/Family Service
$360- Pass for all 3 In-Person Main Services
$200- Zoom Pass for all HHD Services

We are community with our Doors Wide Open, we will not turn anyone away who would like to attend. Please contact Sarah Jacobs, for more information on pricing.

*Please note the following services are free of charge for Guests and Non-Members: Erev Rosh Hashanah in the Meadow, Tot Services, Rosh Hashanah Day Two Service, and Yom Kippur Afternoon/Evening Services.