When does Religious School meet?

When we meet in person, school takes place on Sundays from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.

Is synagogue membership required to register for religious school?

Synagogue membership is required for religious school. First year of Kindergarten (Gan) or first grade (Alef) is tuition free.

What is tuition for the religious school?

Kindergarten and 1st Grade (Gan/Alef) – $300 for returning students;  Grades 2 through 7 (Bet/Gimel, Dalet/Hey, Vav/Zayin) – $800;  Grades 8 and 9 (Shevet Achim) – $300.

Is there a post B’nai Mitzvah program/Confirmation Class for teens?

Yes. Our teen program called Shevet Achim includes learning, community service, tikkun olam, art projects, and trips with our teen educator. Tuition for this program is $300.

Is it true you’re one of the only synagogues with a “gaga” pit on site?

Yes, we do indeed have a gaga pit set up on site. It is brand new and a HUGE hit with the kids! In addition, Bolton Street kids will happily host matches against the gaga team of any other synagogue.

What are the basics of the curriculum for the religious school?

Each class focuses on several specific Jewish values for the year and, through their study of Torah stories, Hebrew language, art, music and prayer, develop an appreciation for them.

Are most of your faculty members of the synagogue? College students? Non-members?

We have faculty from all walks of life, each bringing their own unique skill set to their classroom. All of our teachers are dedicated to Jewish values and functioning as Jewish role models for their students!

We are an interfaith household. Will my child feel comfortable in the religious school?

Absolutely! Our students come from families with parents from many different backgrounds and faith traditions.

What is the religious school’s approach towards inclusion?

As an open Jewish community, it is one of our top priorities to ensure that each child is comfortable and successful at our religious school. We work with the Center for Jewish Education to ensure that we are set up to accommodate children of all abilities and learning styles.

Is there a music program?

Music is a large part of our school program. We gather to sing for Havdalah and Tefilah every session. In fact, our Director of Education is a song leader!

This all sounds amazing! Where can I register?

Click here to register your child today!

Click here to view the school calendar.